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How do I get my calls to you?

There are 3 call forwarding features you have available through your phone provider; call forward no answer, call forward busy, or manual call forwarding. We will assign you a local phone number to call forward to, or an 800 number if you prefer. Your calls will transfer to that assigned number. When your call is received by our agents, our agents see an account screen that is customized for you. Our agents will answer exactly the way you wish, and will ask questions that you have specified. They will then deliver the messages as you have instructed.

I need to stay within a budget and don’t need every call answered live, but I do need emergency calls answered by a live person. What are my options?

We can design your account for your specific needs. Our pricing is geared toward your level of need, whether you’re a one-person business or a large corporation. Our clients find our call answering service extremely cost effective. You won’t need to hire and train our staff as you would your own employees. In all likelihood we will be much less expensive than the receptionist sitting in your office. We are certainly cost-effective after hours when your call volume is reduced, but the calls you do receive could be of the utmost importance.

How long does it take to begin using your call answering services?

In most cases, a new account can be started within 24 hours after the account information has been received. Complex accounts may take a little longer. If you have an emergency, we can set your account up within a couple hours. We are always available if you only need temporary call answering services.

What are my options for message delivery?

We offer multiple options for message retrieval including: home phone, cell phone, traditional cell text, secure HIPAA compliant cell text, voicemail, email, faxing, and call patching. These options can be used in a combination and delivered specifically to the recipient’s preference; the time of day, the call reason, or any other requirements you may have. Your message delivery options are included with your service, there are no additional charges or hidden fees.

Do you offer appointment scheduling?

Absolutely. We can schedule appointments using a variety of programs. We are skilled in Turbo Scheduling, Appointment Plus, Full Slate, Google, and our own in-house program. If you have a program you prefer, we can utilize that as well. We will sync appointments with your schedule so you always remain current, and can view your appointments from your office, cell phone, or tablet.

What is your service area?

We provide our call answering services to clients across the United States and abroad. Our sophisticated system even prompts us to answer “Good Morning” according to your time zone.

Our On-Call people change frequently for a variety of services, can you program those changes?

Yes. Our sophisticated system allows us to enter in advance, the individuals on-call, what time that information changes, for what services they are needed, and how that particular individual wishes to receive their messages. We can screen and direct your emergency calls accordingly.

I need to speak with certain callers, can you patch those calls to me?

Yes. We can screen calls and connect certain callers directly with you. We will simply put the caller on-hold until we’ve reached you, then we can connect the calls together. We call this patching your calls.

I need personalized services, can you find arrival information, make reservations, provide wake-up calls?

Yes. We offer full personalized services.

Can you obtain detailed information for our business, such as information required for issuing after-hour livestock permits, utility locate requests, order fulfillments?

Yes, we are exceptionally skilled at unique information gathering. We can gather and process information according to your requirements.

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