Our Industries

Montana One Call Center works with companies of all sizes across the United States. We’re excited to learn more about your business and telephone answering needs.


Colleges and Universities, K-12, private and public, early education

Property and Home

Commercial and residential, roofers, plumbers, cleaning, home furnishing, etc.


Doctors, dentists, veterinarians, therapy, etc.


Emergency services, livestock permits, county and community health


Lawyers, architects, accountants, financial advisors, etc.


Towing, repair, service and transportation

Our Clients

We answer for an extensive range of companies, including: Pest Control, HVAC, Locksmiths, Plumbing, Electrical, Property Management, Security / Alarms, Medical, Beverage Companies, Fuel Delivery, Contractors, Movers, Mechanics, Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Funeral Homes, Hospice, Insurance Agents, Veterinarians. Whatever your business answering needs are – even if only temporary – we can help!

Health Care / Medical Accounts

Let us answer during your Urgent Care hours. Many practices now keep extended hours for walk-in emergencies but may prefer not to dedicate staff to answering phone calls– that’s where we come in. We can screen calls, put thru only critical calls, and gather information that can wait for your normal business hours. Focus on patient care rather than phone calls.

On-Call Doctors are as unique as the patients they care for. Whether they wish to receive calls at home, calls on their mobile phones, or paged at the hospital – we won’t stop until we’ve reached them. The technical ability of our advanced computerized system automatically identifies which instructions to follow; whether it’s according to time of day, case type, specialty, caller location, or any other parameters you require.

Government, Municipalities & Public Agencies

We process and issue after-hours livestock permits for multiple states. We process and dispatch HIPAA compliant emergency information for Public Health Agencies. Our staff is highly trained at skilled at obtaining and processing complex information efficiently. Our sophisticated call center software can be customized to your specific needs.